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This site exists to serve as a virtual display for the work of artist Chris Webb. Chris works between many different mediums to bring messages of hope, faith, and encouragement to people on an international level. He is a graduate of the Cleveland School of the Arts, trained overseas at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (now the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland), and is a B.F.A. acting graduate from the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California. Recently Chris was honored as a Creative Community Fellow with National Arts Strategies (2014-’15), he was awarded $5k as a finalist of the Cleveland Leadership Center’s “Accelerate” competition (2015), and has most recently been awarded $15k as a Creative Workforce Fellow with both the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture, and Cuyahoga Arts and Culture (2016). This site serves as an introduction to the many facets of Chris’s work, and is also the home for inquiries and performance requests. Be Blessed!

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Multi-media artist

Chris has worked as a freelance video editor for years. Recently he has put his editing skills to the test by merging the mediums of animation, live action footage, and outdoor projection to produce multi-media work that spills over many different mediums. By also incorporating poetry, screenwriting, and rap into his works Chris pushes to defy the barriers between artistic forms, and he uses every weapon at his disposal to communicate powerful themes in his community and ministerial pieces.


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In 2006, a play that Chris wrote was produced at America’s first professional regional theatre, the Cleveland Playhouse. A student in high school at the time, Chris had no idea that in years to come his written plays, and screenplays would find national influence. Chris has now written works that have been featured in national publications, radio and tv advertising, and in theater companies across the nation. He has co-led writing workshops on an international level in Trinidad, and Scotland, has pen’d commissioned works for theater companies across the U.S., and has written a screenplay that raised over $20,000 between 2015-2016 to be produced into his first independent film.  


(Coming soon - Trailer for "If These Walls Could Talk")


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Creative director

After graduating from the prestigious California Institute of the Arts, Chris found himself at an impasse. With his acting degree in hand, he met with agencies and management groups, only to find himself turning down offers for representation at every turn. The reason why? Chris had a passion to be involved in projects with meaningful content, but many of acting opportunities that he was offered only afforded him a chance to perpetuate a negative stereotype, or violate a principle of his faith. So in response, Chris decided to take a harder road and generate self-made content. After years of working silently, Chris is preparing to release his Directorial debut “If These Walls Could Talk” in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. This release will also serve as the launch of his non profit media company “Pretty Inner City”, which uses the arts to generate creative solutions for community problems. 



Years ago there was an assignment at Collinwood Middle School in Cleveland that would change Chris’s life forever. A teacher challenged an unruly class to try their hand at a new form of creative writing; poetry. As the class unwillingly obliged, Chris obliviously put pencil to paper and something happened that he describes today as “God-sent.” Poetry soon became an outlet for Chris, and as he grew, his skills and message did as well. Chris went on to compete internationally with poetry, becoming a finalist in the world-renown “Brave New Voices” competition where, in 2007, his team won the title of 4th in the world. Chris left the competitive scene soon after to primarily use his gift as a tool to express his faith in God. His Christian-based poetry led him to an organization called P4CM, where he’s been a participant for 6 years. He has travelled to England, The Bahamas, Mexico, Canada, and all over the U.S. to perform his pieces in churches, jails, schools, and any place that needs a message of hope and of encouragement.


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